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May is the wonderful child of a troubled land that is at the same time ready to grasp the beauty of that peace whose value is known only from those who see it under threat.
In her Beirut she lives the hardest experience of her life, that will bring her, owing to an accident, two years spent in hospital and 36 surgical operations in order to reduce the vastness of the injuries in her legs.
The days spent thinking about the recovery of a normal everyday life, about finding again her self-sufficiency, are the mechanism that makes May combine the will of getting everybody to appreciate the luck of those who can move freely.
The idea of the Marathon, proposed to people who don't like to run, is a double challenge, or rather a challenge that adds within each edition values like Peace and the cause of Lebanese Women.
3,000 people participated to the first edition, more than 33,000 were the participants to the last one.
A success and a motivation that push even more this brave woman who could transform the gunshot of the starter in a sign of happiness.
Somebody said that a little step can turn into a giant leap for mankind. Your will, your marathon, your magnificent land of citrons offers, not only to the world of sport, a gift: hope.
Thank you sweet ambassador...

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Gli sportivi di alto livello hanno una responsabilità che va ben oltre il fare onore alla maglia che indossano, al club o alla nazione che rappresentano.
Agli occhi dei giovani essi incarnano lo spirito, l’essenza stessa dello sport

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