Marina Charlotte Kalla


3 Olympic gold and 6 Olympic silver medals. 2 world gold, 6 world silver and 4 world bronze medals.

The first Swedish athlete ever to win 3 Olympic gold medals at the winter games.

She won the Skiathlon gold medal in the 2018 Pyeongchang Games, after outstriping the leading group in the last lap and winning with a 7,8 seconds-lead from Marit Bjørgen – her main opponent. Not only is she beloved by Swedish people for her successful career, but they love her because of her honest and warm-hearted personality, a girl who describes herself as an available girl, although she admits not always having her heart under control. “For me it is important to be honest and sincere, and when you are focused on the competition it’s hard to hide your feelings when you are interviewed after crossing the finishing line.”


Gli sportivi di alto livello hanno una responsabilità che va ben oltre il fare onore alla maglia che indossano, al club o alla nazione che rappresentano.
Agli occhi dei giovani essi incarnano lo spirito, l’essenza stessa dello sport

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