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The voice of sport and what kind of sport: the national one which speaks about the Italian National Team, the World Cup, using words full of that kind of emotion which everyone feels and which makes him utter “the sky is blue above Berlin”. A sentence which became a symbol but also a summary of a performance which step by step involved even the less lovers . Thus, this journalist whose voice has become familiar to the big world of Italian sportsmen has gone through a long way with Rai’s microphones and all this has made him one of the family. Close to him there always are national football champions who tell their opinion but never give a technical consideration, in fact his running commentary of football matches is irreproachable because of the tactical awareness and even more because of the fairness of the judgement. Besides commenting Italian football matches he anchors other television programmes which complete the national football television programme schedule: Champions League, “mercoledì da Campioni” ( Champions Wednesday) and the unique “Domenica sportiva” (Sports Sunday). The story and the dreams of Italian football develop in his words but this is today, actually his aim is the future, hopefully with another: “the sky is blue above Rio”.


Gli sportivi di alto livello hanno una responsabilità che va ben oltre il fare onore alla maglia che indossano, al club o alla nazione che rappresentano.
Agli occhi dei giovani essi incarnano lo spirito, l’essenza stessa dello sport

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