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Silver medal at the track-and-field World Championships with the new Italian record which consists of 2.03 m, and at the indoor track-and-field European Championships 2007 with 1.96 m. Bronze medal at the World Championships 2011 with 2.00 m and the same year indoor European champion in Paris. In 2012 won the silver medal at the Istanbul indoor World Championships. Her story begins when she was 12, with the Youth Games during which she already showed her talent. However, high jump is not her first speciality. She discovered to be a high jumper in 2001, at the Italian Championships when she rose her personal record from 1.93 to 1.98 m. Her future was marked by injuries on the occasion of the Olympic dates. Antonietta recovered and obtained many successes which led her among the best of that speciality in the world. In her career, in addition to gold, silver and bronze medals there is also a 2.04 indoor. Fly high Antonietta!


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