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Who like him is able to impose, in the marathon, his 2.04.55 for four years must have an inner motivation in addition to a unique strength and determination. This icon of the Kenyan athletics has paid back with big generosity the support which was given to his school by the United Nation World Food Program. He has repaid with wonderful Olympic and World performances and with his fame which he has not wanted to leave aside, in fact he shares his celebrity operating as Ambassador against hunger. Now, you are welcome also as a Fair Play Ambassador. Your nickname of Gentleman appears as a sort of predestination. Thus, welcome Paul or better “ciao” Paul. Please, let us address to you like this, you know we consider you partly Italian because of your six consecutive wins in the Stramilano.


Top -level sportsmen and women have a responsibility that goes above and beyond honouring their team, their sport or the nation they represent.
They are the personification of the very spirit and essence of sport.

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