Giovanni Trapattoni


One of the most important figures of football, both as player and as coach.
He is one of the main supporters and theorists of the Zona mista  football tactic (“Mixed Zone”).

He is the Italian coach who won most cups and world titles than anyone else. This has made him one of the five coaches who managed to win in four different Countries, and won seven international official titles as well – in fact he is the sixth coach in the world with most trophies.

He is always so good choosing the right words that he is considered amazing.
On 23 October 2010, he was chosen by the Holy See as the new manager of the Vatican City’s football association named Clericus Top.

Before playing a match, he used to wet the fields with Holy water.
When he was coach of the Irish national team, he went on pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain of Saint Patrick because he gave a vote in case he and his team managed to qualify for the 2012 European Championships . “3000 people came with me. There was Prime Minister as well”


Top -level sportsmen and women have a responsibility that goes above and beyond honouring their team, their sport or the nation they represent.
They are the personification of the very spirit and essence of sport.

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