Andrea Stella


An absurd coincidence of fate made him the victim of a piece of news that affected him, and the consequences of this event marked his life as a man and as a sportsman. In this way Andrea Stella had to reinvent himself, transforming a state of infirmity into an adventure, in which the love for sailing return to be serenity again, as well as the joy of a gesture made for those who want to share its spirit: the Spirit of Stella. So, after the phase full of projects, dreams, and involvement, it begins the long work of realization that will make it possible, even if with disabilities, to experience the sea on a catamaran.

That’s when the horizon is reached, thanks to Andrea and WoW Wheels on Waves, the Onlus that he wanted to create. Waves, wind, and unlimited spaces are common EMOTION which is made possible to date to 5000 people with disabilities.

So, to those who have experienced the sea with intensity, and it is undoubtedly a new freedom, goes the wish of a sweet wind that fills the sails for "The Spirit of Stella", and to you: Have a good trip, Captain.


Written by Giovanni Melani


Top -level sportsmen and women have a responsibility that goes above and beyond honouring their team, their sport or the nation they represent.
They are the personification of the very spirit and essence of sport.

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