Benedetta Pilato


Pure talent and extraordinary technical, physical, and mental abilities, the beauty of sport… All characteristics that are reunited in her name: Benedetta Pilato.

It is her that, “tarantina” from birth, with her swimming, her strong personality, even if very young, has amazed the world.

She had just made the sixth world time and broken the junior world record, and then Benedetta made an extraordinary race: 29. 85.

These are not even moments, but they give dimension to the continuous improvement of the fifteen-year-old from Taranto, who faces the challenge with the great champions of swimming, with a determination worthy of a veteran.

When she was just thirteen years old, she won her first medal, a silver medal on 50m breaststroke at the Italian championships and in 2019 at her first presence in the national team she won the gold medal at the European Junior Championships.

2019… a year of success for her who has seen the world through the eyes of a teenager, and the family is her refuge and a reference point, because she is trying to live, like all girls of her age, the daily life between school and training.

At the age of fourteen years old and six months, she was the youngest Italian athlete to debut in a world championship, breaking the record for her very young age.

Benedetta's story is only at the beginning. In a year there will be the Olympics, and the 50m breaststroke are not a five-circle specialty, the 100m are.

A year of preparation with the hope that the Olympic dream can come true.

Don't wake us Benedetta, keep us dreaming.


Written by Giovanni Melani


Top -level sportsmen and women have a responsibility that goes above and beyond honouring their team, their sport or the nation they represent.
They are the personification of the very spirit and essence of sport.

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