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If health is part of that normality which, presumptuously, people take for granted, disease is, on the contrary, the disturbance of the optimal state which affects not only the individual, but also the people around him. If not stopped, once the territorially circumscribed phase is over, the disease can spread, beyond the national territory, transforming itself into a pandemic: an event capable of radically changing the lives of people and changing their history. History, in fact, can make people remember how man was able to react and fight these calamities, but at the cost of human lives and devastating economic consequences.

Already at the end of January, to react to this calamity and to combat it, men and women of the health system have operated motivated by a moral obligation that was far beyond their professional duty.

With scarce means and waiting for a way of reacting that is not easy to identify, these men and women, that are, mothers, fathers, and children, made gestures of human solidarity that we hope to never forget.

It would be the worst of all, for these brothers and sisters who paid with their lives, exposed as they were to consequences of which they were clearly at risk.

A gesture that it is right to try to repay with a long silent applause, because it is in silence that these heroes have "played" their decisive game.

The world of Sport through the Fair Play Award


Written by Giovanni Melani


Top -level sportsmen and women have a responsibility that goes above and beyond honouring their team, their sport or the nation they represent.
They are the personification of the very spirit and essence of sport.

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