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It was a long career the competitive career of Alessandro Campagna, also known as Sandro, who after 16 years and after achieving unimaginable results, decided to devote himself to the role of coach, and not only in Italy. With the Greece team he won a bronze medal at the 2005 World Cup, while a year earlier in Athens he had to stop when he was just a step away from the podium.

Returning home with his Settebello team he conquered a silver medal, surpassed by Serbia, but one year later at the 2012 World Cup he returned to the top, winning the gold medal.

In 2014 he won as coach, along with his Settebello team, the bronze medal at the European Championships in Budapest, behind Serbia and Hungary.

In 2016 he led the Settebello team to win the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, behind Serbia and Croatia.

In 2019 he led the Settebello team to be the best in the world by winning the gold medal at the World Cup in South Korea. Italy is water polo world champion for the fourth time in its history by beating Spain.

We hope that in his list of results also shines the golden collar to sporting merit, because he deserves it.


Written by Giovanni Melani


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