Josè Altafini


There's a lot of “azzurro” - the blue colour, the colour of the t-shirt of the Italian football team - in Josè Altafini's football boot. He is an “azzurro” who lived as an emigrant's son in Brazil, who does not forget his origins and who binds to his land the language and the daily life that marked his existence. José Altafini was, in fact, born as a protagonist.

He was first in the game with a great fantasy in dribbling, and equal speed of execution. He wore the most prestigious jerseys in Italy and consequently numbers, scorer statistics, number of assists that will take him at the top.

But it will always be his bursting Brazilian fantasy to emerge first on the ground and then from the field as a commentator.

However, the goal he invented on Omar Sivori's pass will remain as an anthology. An upside-down goal that's now in history.

And it is precisely this goal that he himself call a “golasso” that made him use this word to define an exceptional gesture when, as a commentator, he found himself underlining an extraordinary performance. This word has become the copyright of a lifetime for Jose, but at the same a word which became very common wherever a balloon rolled.

However, it would be unfair to identify a career only with goals, because to define Altafini as a man, a player, what he has represented and represents in his uniqueness, one can only resort to the motivation of the International Football Federation: "LEGEND OF FOOTBALL".


Written by Giovanni Melani


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